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Punch Clock is an online tool for any employee to sign up and calculate their daily,weekly monthly hours and download the report in PDF or Excel format.
This application will have an admin area where managers can approve or deny any checked-in timings or requests.

Here is the high level work flow.

  1. User registers with a unique username and password. During the registration period, user IP and MAC address will be captured and access will be provided for only that device and IP; If the user wants to get access from another device or IP, a request has to be made to admin and the admin can either approve or deny that request.
  2. Once the registration is complete, user can add day time in and day time out, break time in and break time out, user will have only 10 minutes delta time to select. Any thing above it, user should trigger a request to admin approval on that timing.
  3. After successfully entering records, user can search for records based on from and to date.
  4. Returned results can be downloaded as time sheet report for that duration in Excel/PDF format.
  5. Any incomplete records will be alerted on top-right tab as incomplete.

Application Modules:

  1. User Registration
  2. Device and IP authorization
  3. Search time records by dates
  4. Admin Console
    • Enable/Disable user access
    • Enable/Disable User device/IP access (only one device and IP active access at a time per user)
    • Approve/deny user request for earlier or past time for punch in.
    • Search a user or all users time records
    • Export the time records to PDF/Excel


ASP.NET MVC 4, Razor view Engine, C#.4.5, jQuery, SQL Server 2012

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